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What can we find?

Are you wondering what can we find for you? We are giving you list of things we can find! These are samples of our findings!

Basic things to find are metrical certificates. Here you can see 2 marriages written in German.

Typical baptimal record from Galicia, handwritten in Latin. It mentions parents and grandparents of a baptized infant!

Here you can see Jewish entry for marriage. Today this town is in Ukraine. Before WW2 it was part of Poland.

Bride's and groom's parents are mentioned here as well as their occupations.


We can give you photos of your ancestors'/relatives' tombs/plaques

Marriage record in Polish.

We provide full translations.

A lot of important info here.

Obituaries are really important in your family history.

Do you have Polish roots?

Military photo - a lot of of them is attached to military documents in Archives in Poland.

Census (karta meldunkowa) from Poznań (POSEN). A lot of info here - places of birth (precise) for every family member, info about military service, occupation, marriage, parents, etc. Very useful.

Map of villages where your Polish ancestors lived. Even if place where your ancestors lived is the tiny village we will find it. You can see Kołodziejówka village here and many others (today part of Ukraine)

Another marriage record - Catholic parish. Parents are mentioned here. There is a lot of genealogical information.

Prussian certificate of death taken from Office of Civil Registry in Empire of Prussia.

After partitions of Poland that took place in the end of XVIII century western part of Kingdom of Poland was taken by Prussia (Germany today).

Chancellor Otto von Bismarck established Civil Registry Offices in October 1874.

This record shows a lot of info about deceased person:

where lived, where died, where  was born, spouse's name, sign of witness; there is also note to the right, it provides more info - usually about some legal interventions of courts e.g. change of the name.

If your family was of noble descent (Polish: szlachta) we can provide full pedigree and catalogue of their coat of arms with heraldy descriptions and precise meanings of each element.

If your family was quite wealthy, their pedigree or precise lines can be already described in historical book.

We can give you documents plus translations.

Marriage record in Russian.

After 1867 in Russian partition Russian language was the only that could be used in metrical books. We provide full translation from Russian to English, cultural background included, as well as giving you precise link where villages/localization mentioned here will be shown on GoogleMaps.

We can give you photos of places where your ancestors lived. Photos of cemeteries (tombs, sepulchers); photos of houses, manors, palaces, forests, churches, old marketes, monuments.

Records in Latin, they have more than 250 years. We provide translations from Latin to English.

We can find advertisements if your ancestors had their own business

There is a possibility that if your ancestors were famous they can be found on some historical pictures. Here is Matejko's picture of Queen Jadwiga Jagiellońska and her  counselor, Dymitr of Bożydar and Goraj, Polish magnate.

Do you have Polish roots?

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