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Krystyna Skarbek was born in Warsaw (Warszawa) on 1st of May 1908.

She was baptized in Bęczkowice Roman Catholic church in 1913.

Krystyna Skarbek (1908-1952) was born into Polish-Jewish family. Her father was Count Jerzy Skarbek, and mother, Stefania Goldfeder, came from assimilated Jewish family  (her father was a banker). 

Krystyna, a "Polish-Jewish countess" was named "Churchill's favorite spy during World War II". Her extraordinary family background, Jewish descent and beauty made her one of the most vivid figures in occupied Europe.

"The Spy Who Loved" by Clare Mulley (extract):

"The daughter of a feckless Polish aristocrat and his wealthy Jewish wife, [she] would become one of Britain's most daring and highly decorated special agents. Having fled to Britain on the outbreak of war, she was recruited by the intelligence services and took on mission after mission. She skied over the hazardous High Tatras into occupied Poland, served in Egypt and North Africa, and was later parachuted behind enemy lines into France, where an agent's life expectancy was only six weeks. Her courage, quick wit, and determination won her release from arrest more than once, and saved the lives of several fellow officers - including one of her many lovers - just hours before their execution by the Gestapo. More importantly, the intelligence she gathered in her espionage was a significant contribution to the Allied war effort, and she was awarded the George Medal, the OBE, and the Croix de Guerre."

b1913 (1908) Maria Krystyna Skarbek - pa

Krystyna Skarbek's baptism certificate in Russian.

That document states Krystyna's father is Count Jerzy Serwacy Henryk Skarbek, and mother is Stefania Maria née Goldfeder.

Baptized child (5 years old) was named "Maria Krystyna Janina". That ceremony took place on 13th of November 1913 in Bęczkowice Roman Catholic church.


Roman Catholic church in Bęczkowice, Piotrków Trybunalski, Łódź

Source: Piotrków Trybunalski State Archive, Poland

Archival Collection: Akta stanu cywilnego Parafii Rzymskokatolickiej w Bęczkowicach

Original language: Russian

m1899 Jerzy Skarbek + Stefania Goldfeder

Source: Warszawa State Archive, Poland

Archival Collection: Akta stanu cywilnego parafii rzymskokatolickiej Wszystkich Świętych w Warszawie

Original language: Russian

Krystyna's parents married in All Saints' Roman Catholic parish in Warsaw on 2nd of December 1899 at 7 p.m.


Groom: Count Jerzy Serwacy Henryk Skarbek, bachelor, 26 years old, son of late Bolesław and Jadwiga née Nasierowska.

Bride: Stefania Goldfeder, maid, 21 years old, daughter of late Adolf and Róża née Hejman.

The document was signed by witnesses and newlyweds.

It is in Russian.


All Saints' church in Warsaw, Poland

The church where Krystyna's parents married and where her mother renounced Judaism.

b1899 Stefania Goldfeder - par. Wszystki

Stefania Goldfeder's baptism certificate issued on 15th of November 1899.

Extract: Stefania was born in 1878, she is daughter of Adolf Goldfeder and Róża née Hejman.

This is the moment when she officially renounces Judaism.

Source: Warszawa State Archive, Poland

Archival Collection: Akta stanu cywilnego parafii rzymskokatolickiej Wszystkich Świętych w Warszawie

Original language: Russian


The Skarbek family is a very old Polish aristocratic family dating back to the 1400's.

Habdank is their coat of arms.

Krystyna's father was Jerzy Serwacy Henryk Skarbek, born on 13th of May 1873 in Wola Drzazgowa village. He was baptized in Wierzchlas parish on 25th of May 1874. The infant's father was Count Bolesław Skarbek, 32 years old, owner of Wierzchlas and Wola Drzazgowa villages. His mother was Jadwiga née Nasierowska, who was 30 years old.

b1874 Jerzy Skarbek - par.

Jerzy's baptism certificate in Russian.


Source: Łódź State Archive, Poland

Archival Collection: Akta stanu cywilnego Parafii Rzymskokatolickiej w Wierzchlesie

Original language: Russian

Wierzchlas Roman Catholic church

Jerzy Skarbek - obituary.jpg

Jerzy Skarbek's obituary. He died in 1930 in Austria.

Obituary is in Polish.

Jerzy's parents, Bolesław and Jadwiga, married in Wysocko Wielkie parish in the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1866.

m1866 Skarbek + Nasierowska - par. Wysoc

Source: Archdiocesan Archive Poznań, Poland

Original language: Polish, Latin

Bolesław Skarbek was born in Drzazgowa Wola and baptized in Będków church in 1842. His parents were: Karol Skarbek and Helena née Łazarew.

Karol Skarbek married Helena Łazarew in Będków Catholic church in 1842. The document states that Karol's parents were: Józef Skarbek and Karolina née Górska. Karol was born in Kuźnice village in Kalisz governorate.

paternal ancestry.png

Basic family tree (chart)

of the Skarbek family


Krystyna's mother, Stefania Goldfeder, was born into an assimilated Jewish family in Warsaw. Stefania's parents were: Adolf Goldfeder and Rozalia née Heyman (Hejman).

m1860 Aron (Adolf) Goldfeder + Rozalia H

Stefania's parents married in Synagogue in Warsaw on 17th of July 1859. Their marriage certificate reveals new information: Adolf is named "Aron vel Adolf", son of Izrael Goldfeder and Małka née Gudel, 20 years old.

Bride: Rozalia Heymann, born in Częstochowa, 16 years old, daughter of Szymon Heymann and Jetta vel Tekla Landau.

Look at the bottom of the document. There are numerous signatures, e.g. signatures of the newlyweds and Rabbi.

Source: Warszawa State Archive, Poland

Archival Collection: Akta stanu cywilnego wyznań niechrześcijańskich w Warszawie

Original language: Polish

Rozalia (Róża) Goldfeder née Heymann died in Warsaw on 28th of August 1923.

Róza's obituary published in "Nasz Przegląd" (in Polish):

Róza Goldfeder nee Heymann obituary.png

Rozalia (Róża) was buried in Okopowa cemetery, Warsaw.

This is the cemetery where Adolf vel Aron was buried in 1896.

His parents were buried there also; Izrael in 1883 and Małka in 1889.

Róża (Rozalia) Heyman's parents married in Częstochowa Synagogue on 7th of February 1832.



Groom: Szymon Haymann, bachelor, 20 years old, son of Berek Haymann and Rachla née Szaja.

Bride: Jetta Landau, maid, 20 years old, daughter of Jakub Landau and Frajdla née Berkowicz.

Their marriage certificate is below:

m1832 Szymon Heymann + Jetta Landau - Cz

Source: Częstochowa State Archive, Poland

Archival Collection: Akta stanu cywilnego Okręgu Bóżniczego w Częstochowie

Original language: Polish

maternal ancestry.png

Goldfeder basic family tree (chart)

Additional sources:

- Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego i innych Krajów Słowiańskich

- JRI Poland

- Clare Mulley, The Spy Who Loved: the Secrets and Lives of Christine Granville, Britain's First Special Agent of World War II, 2012

Do you have

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