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1. What this website is about?

It's about Polish genealogy and those who are seeking their Polish ancestors (see: Poland on Wikipedia).


2. How can I find my Polish ancestors?

You can search on the Internet, come to Poland and search Archives yourself or simply contact us! See: How to start?


3. How can I be sure that these genealogies you make are true?


We provide full album of documents/scans taken from parishies and Archives in Poland. See: What can we find?



4. How much does it all cost?

See: Offer


5. How long does it take to build a genealogical tree?


It depends especially on needs of client. E.g. 5-generations can be discovered in few weeks. But if you want complete, great tree (for example your ancestors' of Polish noblity) it can take even 2 years.

Note: Our offer is going to build your tree in stages, so after about 1-2 weeks we will contact you about progress we've made. We will give you updates (at least 1 per month, usually 2-3 updates each month).


6. What is descent from Polish Kings?


It's a project that "Polish Ancestors" have initiated. We want to find and connect the largest amount of people to Polish Kings. First part of this is to let us build your genealogy tree. Chances to provide you tree back to Mieszko I are going up if you have nobility in your family.

Costs of "Descent from Polish Kings" are in Offer.

You can also order searching for genealogical connections to famous people or one unique bond - for example to Henryk Sienkiewicz.


7. I have more questions!

Send us a message! 



Contact us!

Twoje informacje zostały pomyślnie przesłane!

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