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Jewish genealogy in Poland

For centuries Poland was the largest and most important shelter for Jews in the world. Poland was called "Paradis Judaeorum" what means "Jewish Paradise". Poland was the most religious tolerant and opened for Jews through ages. Jews were never driven out of Poland. There is a large number of famous Poles that had Jewish roots. You can discover their roots wihin "Famous Poles" section.

WW2 nearly ended Jewish prosperity in Poland, because of annihilating Hitler's actions (e.g. camps of death). Today only few thousands of people declare their Jewishness, a lot of people know of their Jewish ancestors, but they changed religion long ago. Although there are probably thousands of people that do not know of their Jewish ancestors.

There was a lot of Jews who converted to Christianity long ago, there were Jews who received nobilitation in Kingdom of Poland. There were also Jews that abandoned religion of their fathers and they lived as atheists.


1. If you had Jewish ancestors in Poland, you can Start Building Your Genealogy Tree - we can discover your Jewish roots in Poland.



2. If you suspect your Jewish roots, you can check list of Jewish surnames that is in our database: List of Jewish surnames


3. If you are interested in genealogical connections between you and some Jewish famous people from Poland -

check Famous Poles section.



NOTE: During WWII a lot of Jewish documentation was destroyed. It makes Jewish genealogical studies harder than any other.



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