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Children babrized in St. Adalbertus (ŚWIĘTY WOJCIECH) PARISH in Poznań (POSEN) in 1850

1. You can search for record by typing surname in a window "Type surname".

2. Remember that this index was written out of old book - typist could make a mistake. If you have any questions - you can contact us.

3. If you're interested in scan of act you should contact us - write no. of act, parish and year. We will answear you in 24 hours. 



Do you need any Polish diacritic letters? You can copy them from here:    ą    ć     ę   ł   ń   ó   ś    ż    ź


"--------------" indicates - within pole for child's name that it was born dead, within father's pole - father unknown (child is illegitimate)

"posthumous" indicates that child was born alive, but died before baptism

"vidua" means widow

"or" means that surname can be read in two different ways and tipist wasn't sure exactly which is correct

"?" means that typist couldn't read it or this surname was blurred or written carelessly

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