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Our Offer

We specialize in building family trees for people of Polish descent. Our services are founded upon knowledge and experience. We cooperate with all archives in Poland - state and archdiocesan. If you'd like to send us a message about your family history, to start process of building your genealogy tree - you can do it HERE.

Creating a tree is going by stages. We will contact you few times throughout this process to consult some details.


First thing is to write us a message with short description of your Polish ancestors -

then we have at most 3 days to aswear you and give you a knowledge about a price.

You can accept it or reject it without ANY consequences. WE WON'T REJECT YOUR APPLICATION!


If you accept, we start making genealogical research after first installment.


You can also pay in installments.




REMEMBER: Sending us any message is connected with this that we will add your e-mail to our mail-list. By this we will inform you about new releases, updates and special offers. You will be able to resign.

Polish genealogy can be complicated
Complete tree of your Polish ancestors can cost approximately:
$300 - $1000

We accept Euro, American Dollars, British Pounds and

Polish Złoty.

Do you want to pay in another currencies?

Inform us about it!


You can pay in installments.


All services:

Copy of document of birth/marriage/death - $10 - $40

Descent from Polish Kings (if it's possible!) - about $300 - $1000

The same blood with famous people - hard to say - individually

Searching for living relatives in Poland - individually











Other languages also - ask us about it.

about $5 - $10/per one page of text



We can also provide album of photographs - tombs, churches, houses where your ancestors lived.

Price depends on amount of photos and distances.


NEW!: We also provide searching for your living relatives in Poland!



Contact us!

Twoje informacje zostały pomyślnie przesłane!

"There is no greater treasure than history. But to find yourself in a history is the treasure greastest of all. Trace them, your roots, because you're in them, and they are in you.

γνῶθι σεαυτό!"

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