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Polish Nobility


russian empire

1. You can search for record by typing surname in a window "SEARCH".

2. Remember that this index was written out of old book - typist could make a mistake. If you have any questions - you can contact us.


Do you need any Polish diacritic letters? You can copy them from here:    ą    ć     ę   ł   ń   ó   ś    ż    ź

German here: ö    ü

Do you have Polish roots?

Source: Rody szlacheckie Imperium Rosyjskiego pochodzące z Polski t.1-2, J. Ciechanowicz




Do you see name of your ancestor here? You can order info about this family. We will give you scan of note about this family and translation from Polish.


You should know that if you have those surnames in your family tree it does not mean that your ancestors were nobility. You should have paper trail.


Do you have questions about Polish nobility? CONTACT



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