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1. You can search for record by typing surname in a window "SEARCH".

2. Remember that this index was written out of old book - typist could make a mistake. If you have any questions - you can contact us.

3. If you're interested in scan of act you should CONTACT US - write no. of act, parish and year. We will answear you. 

REMEMBER: SCAN OF ACT CAN CONTAIN MORE INFORMATIONS, E.G. names of deceased sposuses, places of living, adnotations about first marriage, place of birth/death.

Do you need any Polish diacritic letters? You can copy them from here:    ą    ć     ę   ł   ń   ó   ś    ż    ź

German here: ö    ü

Do you have Polish roots?

Skałat - SKALAT - is a county town on Ukraine. It is on the banks of GNILA [ GNIŁA ] river. It was in Ruskie district. It was 80 kilometres to TARNOPOL.

Do you have roots in Poland?

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