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I have been an amateur family genealogist for 40 years slowly making my way through the grey mist of genealogical time. I have followed many branches in our family tree only to find the branches turn into twigs and then just to disappear because I didn't know what questions to ask or analyse the answers. Very frustrating for me as part of my family was Polish Jewish and my research was stalled there in Poland in a big way.

I then discovered the Polish Ancestors team

They were able to provide the necessary answers, research and documents covering the blank periods of my Polish family. Including their Jewish past, including the name changes they made to cloak their Jewish past from the Nazi's and their marriage certificates all professionally translated from the original Russian.

A very professional team and I highly recommend them.


Peter Dawson

North Yorkshire

For those who don't know, I am really into genealogy. I just wanted to share an amazing resource. I have been working with

Polish Ancestors TEAM. They are in Poland, and have helped me find out so much amazing information about my great-grandparents from Poland who came to the US in the early 1900's. If anyone is interested, I definitely recommend them. It has definitely been worth what they have charged. They even let me pay in installments.



Michele, USA

Specialist appointed by Polish Ancestors TEAM has translated numerous handwritten documents for me, my ancestors were Jewish and they lived near Lviv. He has been able to decipher the older cursive style of writing in Polish and transcribe them into English. His work was accurate and prompt. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.


Helen, USA

Do you have Polish roots?

I really want to give a big shout out to Mr. Kolski at Polish Ancestors TEAM. He has been SO helpful in tracing my Polish roots- particularly my grandfathers family.( he was catholic) I now have a big tree on his mothers side and its been fascinating and exciting to discover. I have had help from many sources since I first started searching, and I am so much further down the road because of that. I am forever grateful- you all know who you are! Mr. Kolski has been kind, persistant and has really brought out a lot of interesting information and theories. Anyone out there with roots in Poland bear him in mind. As I am not a native Polish speaker, his help in translation has been great too. We still have alot of mysteries to solve and brick walls to break down, but hopefully we will get there. Family is so important, and my mothers lost family has now been found. That is priceless.


Jennie, United Kingdom

Polish Ancestors TEAM found my husband's ancestors. I use their services & hope its a place for those of you that have Polish Ancestors.
They are very good & have helped me even though I'm living in Poland.
Yes dear - my hubby's family, we knew nothing past his father's line, now we know his grandparents & great grandparents in the last few hours they have found yes dear's grandparents marriage.
It's taken a lot of work & time, but the costing has been kept to a minimum & they always tell you how much it will cost.....  You can pay in different currencies... I personally keep the costing to the minimum, they email me the information & as mine are in Russian i also save on the translation as i got friends that speak & read Russki

I highly recommend them & i will be continuing to use them & i never normally use companies!


Kaz, Northern Poland / UK

Thank you very much for revealing my family's history. You have discovered my roots. I am so grateful for your time and effort. And info you gave me will help me put in order all documents about my ancestors and their history.


Agnieszka, Northern Poland

My family tree which presents my ancestors was created by Polish Ancestors TEAM. In this tree I can see not only names of villages where my ancestors lived, but their occupations as well. I feel great curiosity about that. It makes me "feel" these past generations, because it's my own history as well. This family tree awekened in me cunning for more discoveries (if it's possible). Their occupations are a start to discovering more details about history, especially about their prosaic, daily life. This all is creating my feeling of my own, very private, identity, which is not very common in the modern world. I think Polish Ancestors TEAM is very professional, because they have consulted me many times through the all process and they constantly informed me about news. They were always understanding. If I could reccomend someone who do genealogical research, I would surely mention Polish Ancestors TEAM. Thank you very much!

Mateusz, Poznań, Poland

Genealogist appointed by Polish Ancestors TEAM was an excellent help in my genealogical research. He obtained parish book entries from the archives within a few days and sent me photos of them at once. He was also a very good support in translating 200 years old documents from Polish to English. His translations revealed places where
my ancestors were baptized/died and because of this it was possible to find more about my family immediately.
Moreover, he assisted me in finding documents about my ancestors in archival records, which are available online.

Maximilian, Germany

Do you have Polish roots?

I have been working with Polish Ancestors TEAM - historians and genealogists. They offered me some services. I have been on the hunt for 19th century maps of Ostrów Mazowiecka (Poland) for months now with no luck. And Polish Ancestors TEAM within an hour or two sent me 1893 dated map of Ostrów Mazowiecka!
This is the area my Jaskółka ancestors are from, sadly the tiny village my Grandfather and Great Grandfather were born in is just a hair to the left of this map. They are being so kind as to sending me another map that has Antoniewo in it, but It's about 3 am in Poland now so fingers crossed i get to see my 19th Century map of my Ancestral Polish Village in the morning! So Excited to start exploring this map! Thank you very much!

Mark, USA

Thank you very much for revealing my family history. You have given me excellent pack of information about my ancestry. Now I can at last learn about my ancestors.


Adolf, 83 years old, Słupsk, Pomerania, Poland

Polish Ancestors TEAM was able to successfully translate an ancestral marriage document from Polish to English. I now know facts about my family history that I would not have otherwise been aware.

Matthew, USA

Polish Ancestors TEAM provided valuable assistance by providing quality Polish to English translation of a variety of 20th and 19th century documents. Their translations and insights into these documents have been a major asset in my genealogical work.



Alan, Canada

Do you have Polish ancestry?

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